Introducing Evo Voice. A cloud based, multi-channel communication platform that provides standard PBX features such as extensions, voicemail and incoming DIDs in 75 countries as well as SMS messaging, Facebook, Web Chat, Slack and Skype support. Now you can do more than just answer phone calls on behalf of your customers.


Our web based virtual business products include an industry leading operator console, online meeting room scheduling and resource management as well as client portal access, white labeling, a full featured support ticket system, and more.

Integrated Meeting Room Scheduling

Our meeting room scheduler is integrated into our portal, billing, and API so that clients can book online, reservations can be exported into QuickBooks, and third parties such as Davinci Meeting Rooms can tie directly into your inventory.

World Class Support

We are a people company first and foremost. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our product.

About our Product

Evo Technologies provides an integrated web based platform for virtual call centers, co-working spaces, and executive suites to manage every aspect of their operation.


Evo Voice is a cloud-based, multi-channel communication platform built on top of Twilio and hosted within the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Evo Voice provides all of the most important PBX features without all of the baggage.

In addition to standard telephone capabilities, Evo Voice provides SMS, Web Chat, Facebook, Slack, and Skype channels that you can handle for your customers.

Operator Console

Best in class attendant console makes managing all aspects of your call center efficient and painless

The Evo Technologies operator console handles over 1 million calls per day around the world and is loved by receptionists everywhere.

Meeting Room Scheduler

Our all in one conference room scheduler makes managing your inventory quick and easy.

Scheduling data ties directly into the billing system so that all bookings can be exported directly to QuickBooks along with other charges.

Client Portal

HostedSuite comes with a fully functional client portal for scheduling and reporting.

Your clients can login to this self-service portal and book meeting rooms or check their call history.

You have full control over what clients can and cannot do.

Cost Effective

With zero upfront costs and low monthly payments, our hosted solution provides a lot of “bang for your buck”

We are so certain that you will love our product that we have a “cancel at any time policy”. If you aren’t happy with our product – stop using it and never pay us another cent.


We integrate with popular products such as QuickBooks, Davinci Meeting Rooms, and LiquidSpace.

We are also compatible with almost every phone system under the sun so no matter what type of platform you use to for voice, we will be able to integrate our operator console with it.


HostedSuite has a full HTTP based API for access from third-party applications.

This allows other developers to tap into the platform and provide value added functionality for your business.

World Class Support

Evo Technologies is known for having the best support in the industry.

We have an internal policy that all client support requests must be responded to within 10 minutes. Most times it’s even faster than that!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the testimonials below.

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The Powers that Be


Patrick Greene

Chief Software Architect and Founder

Alexander Harrington

Chief Operating Officer and Founder

Anantharam UT

Director of Technical Services

The Three B's of Evo

The reason EvoTech is the global leader in shared space reception solutions is simple, we believe in the three B’s of business. We believe that the most crucial ingredients for success are a Better Product, Better Service and Better Price. We like to think that is reflected by our ever growing client base and the glowing reviews our end users have shared with us.


EvoTech offers a best in class reception solution that has been designed and developed hand in hand with the end users who use it every day. We are more than just the global leader in shared space reception solutions, we set the standard.


As great as our software is, no product is ever better than the service that stands behind it. From the moment you start using our products and services, our technicians will be standing-by to assist you with a fifteen-minute response time,  twenty-four hours a day, every day.


For less than your shared space spends on coffee, EvoTech can provide best in class products and world class support with zero up-front costs and no contracts. Not only is EvoTech the most cost-effective solution to deploy, our solution is designed to actually generate revenue for your business.

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